We should be software: Recoding cultural action through networked formations and open technologies in Latin America

Transcript and slideshow of a paper presented at the 2013 Neil Postman Graduate Conference

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In recent years, Latin America has witnessed the appearance of various “cultural networks” composed of arts and culture organizations, directly influenced by digital media and networked technologies. These networks have impacted policy spaces while forming alternative circuits for cultural production, consumption and valuation, within their countries and across national boundaries. They can be understood as a reaction to vertical cultural policy-making (generally focused on the promotion of fine arts and archaeological heritage) and widespread institutional opacity and government centralization in the region. Cultural networks advance a plurality of socio-political agendas and broaden the spectrum of collective aspirations surrounding culture and its relationship to social development. Leer más

[paper] The Promise of Cultural Networks

Last year, I presented a paper called “The Promise of Cultural Networks: Towards a research framework for the study of region-specific cultural network ecosystems” at the Cultural Trends Conference “In Search of Cultural Policy” that took place in London, UK.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation I used during my presentation in London, and the abstract of a paper I recently wrote, based in this material: Leer más